Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Apply for the fall semester through the Ontario Colleges Application Service.

Program Description:

Through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health program, you will enhance your knowledge of various emotional and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents including characteristics, treatments and causal factors. You’ll learn how to use effective intervention strategies to manage aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents and how to apply evidence-based intervention techniques when dealing with individuals with a variety of identifications. You will learn various approaches to working collaboratively with children and adolescents who are taking psychotropic medications, their parents, and other community agencies.

Transfer Credits

You can apply for transfer credits for courses you took at another college or university at a cost of $25.00 per application per course.  If this is the case I suggest you look at the course descriptions on our website to see which ones you think are a close match and apply for those: http://www.northernc.on.ca/child-and-adolescent-mental-health/.  We will need to see an official transcript (you need to have successfully completed the course at another institution with a 60% or more and not too long ago) and an official course outline for us to compare the course you took to the course in this program.  Our program coordinator will compare and approve or deny the transfer credit. You may also apply for prior learning credits through life/work experiences (PLAR) at a cost of $165.17.

Application Form

Please follow the instructions on the Northern College website to get the most current application form:

1.      www.northernc.on.ca

2.      Scroll to bottom of screen and select “Student Portal” under the Quick Links

3.      Select “Academic Services” on the left under Quick Links

4.      Review the documents at bottom of page Advanced Standing Details

5.   Select, complete and return the “Advanced Standing Transfer Credit External” form with payment

Once we receive the completed form and payment, we will forward the whole package to the instructor for evaluation.

Program Book List

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program
Course Name Textbook Edition Optional / Recommended / Required ISBN#
MH2003 Alternative Interventions Choices: Interviewing and Counselling Skills for Canadians, 6th Ed. (2017)
Shebib, B.
Pearson Education Canada: Toronto, ON, Canada.
6th (2017) Recommended ISBN: 9780134005140
PF2073 Behaviour & Drugs Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, First Canadian Edition
Levinthal, C., Hamilton, T.
Pearson Education
1st Canadian Ed. Optional ISBN 9780205968251
AA3063 Building Family Support Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series: An Introduction to Family Social Work, 4th Ed.(2013)
Collins, Jordan & Coleman
Nelson Publishing
4th (2013) Recommended ISBN: 9781133312628
(Student Copy)
PS2005 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, 8th Ed. (2014)
Wicks-Nelson, R., Israel, A.
Pearson Education. Canada.
8th (2014) Optional ISBN: 9780133766981 (book)
CM1903 Communications Business Communication Essentials, Fourth Canadian Edition, Bovee, Thill, Pearson Education Canada Optional ISBN- 9780133948219
PS1163 Developmental
Lifespan Development, 6th Canadian Ed. (2018)
Bee, H., Boyd, D. & Johnson, P
Pearson Education.
6th (2018) Optional ISBN 9780134431314
Student Copy: 9780134744131
AA2063 Introduction to Autism
Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Guide For General Practitioners (2014)
Durand M.V
American Psychological Association
*(2014) Required ISBN: 9781433815690
MH1023 Introduction to
Social Problems
Social Problems: A Canadian Perspective. Fourth Edition  (2015)
Tepperman & Curtis
Oxford University Press: Canada.
4th (2015) Optional ISBN: 9780199009091
MH1033 Working with Diversity Society: The Basics, Sixth Canadian Ed. (2017)
Macionis J.,  Jansson M., Benoit C., Burkowicz
Pearson Education, Canada
6th Canadian
Optional ISBN: 9780133436952
MH1013 Working with the Family  The Family Dynamic: Canadian Perspectives, 6th Edition (2014)
Ward M., Belanger M.,
Nelson Education. Scarborough, ON, Canada.
6th (2014) Optional ISBN: 9780176660871
MH1003 Crisis and Behaviour Intervention  Crisis Intervention Strategies, 8th Ed. (2017)
James R. & Gilliland B. Nelson Publishing.
8th (2017) Optional ISBN: 9781305271470

Courses in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program

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