Certificate Programs

Business Programs

Certificate – Business Fundamentals Certificate

Business Fundamentals is a common first-year business program for Northern College’s business programs. It includes fourteen (14) courses essential to your success in business. These courses will introduce you to business in general as well as, human resources, accounting, marketing, communications, economics, and computer applications.

Diploma – Global Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

The acceleration of technological advance and its disruption both positive and negative on the world’s institutions, organizations, and individuals will define the next quarter century. Emerging and exponential technologies will continue to change how organizations function and how individuals in the economy interact to create value. The skill-set demanded of workers in such a world is drastically different than in previous times. Graduates of the two year Diploma in Global Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology will possess specialized knowledge and skills in these three areas of special importance to being successful in the field of business in the 2020s and beyond.

Mental Health Programs

Certificate – Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health program, you will enhance your knowledge of various emotional and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents including characteristics, treatments and causal factors. You’ll learn how to use effective intervention strategies to manage aggressive behaviour in children and adolescents and how to apply evidence-based intervention techniques when dealing with individuals with a variety of identifications. You will learn various approaches to working collaboratively with children and adolescents who are taking psychotropic medications, their parents, and other community agencies.